Since Google’s announcement of Google Reader’s upcoming death, countless news junkies have been scrambling to find a suitable replacement. But developers as well have found the same scramble on their doorstep, at least those looking to capitalize on Google’s decision. Feedly is one such service that has gone above and beyond in courting ex-Google Reader users by kicking their service and mobile app updates into overdrive. There have already been a couple updates to both their (fantastic) iOS and Android apps since Google’s announcement, and today there’s another.

The latest update brings a tweaked search engine that should make finding content you actually want to read (as opposed to endless crap you have to scroll through) faster and easier. Along the same lines, suggestions for content to read are now also present. For the real news junkies, a new “Must Reads” section combined with a new title-only view should go a few steps closer to mimicking that stripped down and fast action that Google Reader offered. Finally, a new sharing option has popped up – Google+.

Get the new updates at the respective links below.



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