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Samsung may be absolutely killing the Android market with their 1-2 Galaxy/Note punch, but LG is certainly fighting hard from behind. Despite having Samsung eat up a huge chunk of marketshare and profits, LG announced that they’re still managing to move a considerable amount of hardware, specifically to the tune of 500,000+ Optimus G Pros in just 40 days. Mind you, that’s in South Korea alone, too.

During the pre-launch, pre-orders of the Optimus G Pro shot up to 10,000 orders. To have that number skyrocket upwards of half a million in a little over a month is pretty impressive and a sign that the Android market isn’t quite as one sided as it was 6-12 months ago.

In the end, Samsung loosing some grip is good for everyone as it boost the morale of those who were seemingly so far behind it wasn’t worth even competing. Here’s to hoping LG (and more) continue finding success.

Source: LG
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