It’s been a loooooong time since the Cookoo watch iOS app received an update. So long, in fact, we’ve mostly forgotten about it. While it’s a good product in practice, up until now it has lacked a lot of features promised at CES. But today, a new update has dropped bringing with it some very important new features.

New Features:

  • In-app Notification center
  • Twitter support (Finally!)
  • “My Accounts” (account manager for social services like Facebook and Twitter)
  • “My Settings” (allows management of things like camera settings
  • Tutorials

Other improvements and enhancements come to the watch/app’s notification customization options…

  • Enable music control on/off switch
  • Twitter mention on/off switch
  • Calendar event on/off switch
  • Reminder on/off switch
  • Alarm on/off switch
  • Timer on/off switch

No mention of Android support yet.

The Cookoo watch is an affordable, stylish smart watch that until now has felt a bit incomplete and almost abandoned. But after today’s update, we’re eager to once again strap it on our wrist and walk around with it on with a new sense of pride. Any Cookoo users care to report their experience with the new update?

Get the update now – App Store


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