While iPhone users have had the benefit of a well(ish) made WordPress app for some time now, the Android app has languished as a perfect example of neglect and disappointment. But yesterday, the app team behind WordPress’ apps pushed out a new Android update with the biggest improvement coming in the form of a completely revamped UI. The Holo themed design fits perfectly on modern ICS and JB devices, and performance within the app is vastly improved too.

Besides performance and visual changes, users can now view the site within the app, upload pictures with less fuss (and time wasted) which in turn leads to improve post editing, too.

As for future updates, the team says notifications are the most important thing on their plate at the moment. Though, not time table is given for when users can expect to see it hit their devices.

If you’re a blogger, big or small, the new WordPress for Android update is definitely worth updating to (or re-downloading if you deleted it). It’s a huge improvement over the old one – seriously.

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