imageThink that the already tiny laptop/ultrabook hard drives couldn’t get smaller? Think again. While solid state drives are basically no more than an array of the same flash memory found in tiny flash drives, traditional spinning hard drives have some limitations in the quest for a smaller footprint. But Western Digital has managed to push the limits further down with their new (world’s first) 5mm laptop/ultrabook hard drive.

The Blue and Black editions will be initially available in 500 GB capacities for $89.99 (retail). The Blue variant in particular (WD5000MPCK) is available now while the higher-end Black edition will come in the near future, though, are available via OEM channels.

If you need a slim second hard drive in a laptop or simple more (affordable) storage in an ultra book, spinning platters are still the way to go. And now that they’re roughly half the size they were before, it only means less weighty hardware for you. All around a good improvement, wouldn’t you say?

Via: NotebookReview


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