6067c300ae1739758efb9e2fe5faf39f_large-2_grandeBiteMyApple.co has begun shipping the OCDock for iPhone 5 which just happens to be the slickest dock without all the cable mess I’ve ever seen. Sitting elegantly on the foot of your iMac, the OCDock actually looks like it is is a wireless dock zapping info to your computer. The dock matches the color and design of your iMac as well as the Thunderbolt Display, creating a beautiful and seamless docking setup for your iPhone 5 and computer.

Featuring a unique and paper-thin cable, the OCDock sits at the front of the foot, and runs that thin cable underneath to plug in to the back of the display. Since it is as thin as a sheet of paper, the iMac won’t slide around on top of it. The OCDock also has a residue-free piece of reusable tape that will keep the dock secured to the foot of your display. The OCDock has a moving plate that will adjust to fit most iPhone cases, with three different inserts, you can use the dock with a naked iPhone, or one with slim and even larger cases attached. The spring loaded plate adjusts to hide the emptiness that a large case would require.

OCDock versions are available in a glass bead blasted and anodized silver finish matching the iMac and is shipping now for $79.99. There is also an OCDock Mini that doesn’t have the silicone inserts so it will only work with slim-to-no case as well as work with the iPad.

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