cube-featureiPad stands are like iPhone cases – a dime a dozen. There are good ones, “ok” ones and “don’t even bother” ones. CoolerMaster’s Cube stand looks to cater to the former. But visual appeal is but one small piece of the puzzle. Does the Cube actually work?

Design & Construction

True to CoolerMaster’s recent iPad specific accessories, aluminum is used heavily again. It makes for a nice and sturdy (but not too heavy) stand that feels confident in holding your iPad. The feet of the Cube are coated in rubber as to not scratch your similarly aluminum constructed tablet, but also slide out about an inch each to accommodate landscape orientations as well. These sliding feet also allow full port access on the bottom.

The hinge mechanism that controls the stand is smooth and crisp without any hints of poor construction (i.e.: non-linear movement or too high/low resistance). The stepless design may worry some about holding your iPad in place. Well, stop. After several weeks of use we haven’t experienced a single incident where the stand started moving on its own. On that note, you have 135 degrees of range to play with so every usage scenario should be catered to.


$35.99 really isn’t that much for such accessories these days. When you think about it, many plastic phone cases cost the same amount and they’re not nearly as well constructed nor are they made out of aluminum. Also, the fact that the Cube “just works” and works well is a testament to CoolerMaster’s continued interest in good hardware accessory design for Apple’s iPad line (or any other tablet).

If a simple iPad stand is something that you’re currently scouting for, make sure the CoolerMaster Cube is on your list of possible buys.

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