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During CES 2013, we had a couple chances to meet with the folks over at Moshi to see what new items they were releasing in the coming months. Since then I’ve been eagerly dying to try out a couple of cases that really caught my eye. Since the iPhone 5 was released, you’ll never find me without a case on the iPhone. There isn’t a day that goes by when I at least don’t have a bumper on the device. Between how delicate it is, and the fact that I probably won’t find myself updating to the 5S, I want to keep it in the best shape as possible. Something I usually don’t always have the chance to try are luxury-esque cases. CaseMate has a line of them, but they really don’t fit my personality, so when I saw some of Moshi’s offerings, I couldn’t wait to try em out because they looked high-end, but didn’t really look high end. Keep trekking on to see what we had the chance to try…

iGlaze Kameleon

Kameleon-Hero-GSI used this case for close to 3 weeks without even thinking about swapping it out. I don’t know what it was the Kameleon, but I couldn’t get enough of it. It was one of the most comfortable cases I’ve ever used. To me, the iPhone 4/4S was one of the nicest devices I’ve ever held in my hand, and I think the kameleon reminded me of how fun it was to rock the iPhone 4S. I’ll admit it, I’m an Apple fanboy, and one thing I don’t like about cases is the fact that they hide the gorgeous design given to me by Apple, but also the Apple logo. I didn’t pay tons of money for people to think I am rocking some stupid Samsung S2 or whatever, this sounds douchey, I know, but it’s true. So cases that offer a cutout for the Apple logo somewhat intrigue me, and the iGlaze line from Moshi do just that. Not only do you have all the standard port and button cutouts but you can still show off that half-eaten piece of fruit.

The highly-resilient polycarbonate frame that was actually able to withstand some drops I put it through complimented the subtle Vegan leather backplate. At first look, I assumed the entire thing was a metal knock-off, it wasn’t until using the case that I felt the slight texture to the backplate. I thought it was some sort of fabric, one I couldn’t place my finger on, but it wasn’t until heading over to their website that I found out it is in fact a Vegan leather piece slapped onto the back of the case(calling this out on their site makes the Vegan in me happy). It isn’t intrusive by any means, you can barely tell that it is there, but it offers an extra level of comfort when holding it, and again, I loved holding it.

The Kameleon offers elegant protection with the added feature of a kickstand. Yes, I said a kickstand. It isn’t a crappy HTC kickstand either, this aluminum kickstand actually can withstand some grabs and bends, I was surprised by how resilient it was. The best part is that the kickstand fits with the design of the case. It stands out, but not in a bad way. It adds to the elegance and fashion of the case. Included with the case is a protective skin that attaches to the back of iPhone that protects your Apple logo from any scrapes and stabs that might occur through the cutout.

The iGlaze Kameleon was one of the nicest iPhone 5 cases I’ve used to date, and I’ve been rolling through cases for close to a year now. A gorgeous case that offers great protection all while looking hot as hell for only $49.95 gets 100% approval from us here at Gadgetsteria. The case comes in both white and black, so it’ll match whichever iPhone 5 you might have.

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iGlaze Armour

Armour-Hero-GSAnother sibling in the iGlaze line of iPhone cases that we were sent was the iGlaze Armour. This aluminum case features that high-end design that really stands out without looking pretentious. The greatest thing about this case is that it actually mimics the gorgeous design of the iPhone 5. The two-tone coloring of the iPhone 5 is present, in a slim fit beautiful case.

The Apple logo is present, which really makes this case stand out. It looks swapping the backplate of the iPhone 5 is simple and you made it look that much better. I am using the black version along side my black iPhone 5, but during CES I saw the white version slapped on the white iPhone and I swear it was hard to tell the difference between the iPhone with the case on and off. It’s quite impressive how Moshi pulled this off, absolutely amazing.

The case is slim, but still offers decent protection against some scratches and minor bumps and bruises. It comes with the same film for the back of the iPhone to help protect the logo. The Amour ships in black, white as well as a bronze model that has the subtle look of wood. A case that offers a gorgeous design that replicates the iphone, offering a slim elegant build, the Armour is definitely worth the $39.95 price tag.

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Wrap Up & Giveaway

At CES, both Mike and I loved what we saw from Moshi. Elegant and gorgeous protection for an affordable price is incredible. Both of these cases and what we saw are executed perfectly by Moshi, and this really sets the bar for other case manufacturers to not just be another run-of-the-mill distributer. You really can’t go wrong with any case for your iPhone 4/4S/5 when it comes to Moshi. We highly recommend heading on over to their website and checking out what they have to offer.

For those that are still on the fence, why not get the iGlaze Amour or Kameleon case for free? Sound good? Well, we are offering both the Amour and the Kameleon up to two lucky winners. Both are for the iPhone 5, and we choose the two lucky readers as well as which case they will receive. You can slap your preference in your entry, but it doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get.

So if you want to protect your iPhone 5 in one of the sexiest ways, here are a few ways to enter:

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Hurry and get your entries in, we’ll be choosing a winner on Monday at 5pm EST. We’ll announce and attempt to contact you in some way or another, could possibly be an African Swallow carrying a coconut with a note attached, we aren’t sure yet… Oh, and this contest is only applicable to those of you in the United States, and this is the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Alaska are out too, sorry!

Thanks goes out to Moshi for sending over the Amour and Kameleon for review!



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