Over the last week or so a mysterious “A10″ moniker has been tossed around. While very little is still known of this A10, what is highly assumed is a market matching 5-inch display.

Tonight, BGR posted an image believed to be the upcoming flagship device. Aside from the 5-inch display, again, little is known. Though BGR says resolution of the 5-incher sits at a somewhat disappointing 1280 x 720. (Where’s 1080 at?) Also tipped: a dual-core processor of some sort tag teaming pixel pushing with a separate, unknown GPU. As for the hardware, it is said to be more rounded and a bit more “there” compared to the S4.

BlackBerry 10 fans will no doubt be stoked to hear of an even bigger berry on the horizon. Question is, is it enough to sway you from the Z10 you may (or may not) have purchased?

Via: BGR


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