TysonPosted earlier tonight on his Twitter account, Mike Tyson has admitted to finally whooping the easiest and weakest character on one of my NES’s most feared games, Punch Out! I spent numerous hours and days slamming my NES controller to the GROUND because of Little Mac’s failure to dominate his way through all 30 or so characters. I found myself cussing out King Hippo, the Masked Muscle and even Super Macho Man in my dreams as a youngster, but I can vouch to have beaten the ungodly game by the time the 90’s were upon us, shit, even by the time ’89 sprung it’s ugly face with and New Kids On The Block were Hangin’ Tough.

Anyways, Mike Tyson admitted in an interview with TMZ last month that he was a “late bloomer” and never really got into video games until around 2006 and that he had never made it past Glass Joe. If you’ve ever spent time in the ring and stepped into the shoes of Little Mac, you know that Glass Joe is a laughable opponent at best. His slouch and nerdy demeanor yielding nothing but pure and utter defeat, well, unless you are Mike Tyson that is. Even though Mike Tyson’s character was further in the game, it makes you wonder how he was chosen to be the main character in a game he couldn’t even begin to dominate, oh well, stupid people making stupid video game ideas.

But here we are, 2013 and while sitting in a Fox Sports green room, Mike Tyson has finally done what all of us did over 25 years ago, beat Glass Joe. This is big news people, trust me, I know.

The worst part about this is the fact that Tyson and I were on equal playing ground, I had defeated Glass Joe, and he had eaten a dudes ear. I guess the ball is in my court now, Mike!

Via: Polygon
Source: Mike Tyson’s Twitter


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