1366823877_2124_ghostsActivision has announced today that they will be offering customers who purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Playstation 3 will get an upgrade to the PS4 version for only $10. Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision said that the promotion and other deals are here to make the next-generation transition as seamless and easy for Call of Duty fans as possible.

The promotion will only run for a limited time, a time in which wasn’t released. Activision hasn’t announced anything in regards to the Microsoft fanboys out there, but both Amazon and GameStop have announced programs allowing players to upgrade from the 360 version to the One version of Ghosts for $10 as well. We know that consumers Season Pass Content and all of their in-game progress will carry from console to console (in the same family that is), for no additional charge.

We are eager to hear if Activision will offer any such program for Microsoft users, or if they’ll leave it up to 3rd party companies to pick up the slack. I for one feel they’ll offer something, I mean, we all know that Xbox users get DLC earlier than Playstation users, why not give us an easy next-gen upgrade option?

We’ll keep you updated on all promotions and programs as new titles begin to become available, so you make a prudent decision before buying an old-gen title when your next-gen console is only days away.

Via: Polygon


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