Qwerty keyboards are a dying breed, especially the slide-out style ala Verizon and Motorola’s DROID series. From the original way back in 2009 to the DROID 4, it really hasn’t changed much. Specs have generally been up near the top of the pack and the keyboard has managed to get incrementally better with each new generation. All that said, it’s only a matter of time before keyboards truly die. But for now, we might have a bit more waiting to do.

Images of an alleged DROID 5 device have surfaced on Chinese site Weibo, showing what appears to be a new generation of qwerty loving madness. The screen is large and the bezel small. All good things. Spec wise there’s nothing to go off here. Understandably so, skepticism is high as this could merely be an older prototype. Other things to consider, Motorola is likely winding down their own ventures now that their pipeline is finally cleared and Google taking control. Still, we wouldn’t rule out another “DROID” branded device creeping out here or there in the future.

But for now, the question is whether or not you’d actually want a device like this anymore. Yeah, the keyboard is physical and all. But…that thickness. Would you buy another?

Source: Weibo 1, 2
Via: New Cellphones, Droid-Life


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