20130830175001-hero-iggLately I’ve been getting into smart tech for both home and vehicle. Technology to make my life easier and make me more Jetsons like has really got me excited. I’ll be featuring a smart tech gadget for your vehicle that gives you all types of awesome info about how much you might piss me off driving around the streets of Portland, but that isn’t what this post is about. Bellatrix Systems currently has a funding campaign on IndieGoGo that will help get the bRight SwithT, a sleek, new modular electrical control system for homes and businesses off the ground. One little fact that I have to mention, only because I call Oregon my home, they are based out of Bend Oregon, so if you guys help get this funded, I will do whatever it takes to get a tour of the facility and work closely as they produce and launch what will be an amazing product!!!!

The bRight SwitchT system includes smart switches that can be customizes to perform multiple functions as well as multi-port outlets that combine hight voltage and low voltage, eliminated the need for most wall chargers. The bRight SwitchT is the first and only system to offer an Android-based, full-color LCD touch screen controller system and the first self-learning light switch control system that will learn the users’ behaviors. The product line will include 3 products – the eLine Outlet, the eLine Switch and the nLine Switch.

Features, which will vary from product to product include:

  • Customization for both display (name/message displays, photos, buttons) and functions (clock, alarm, timers, and more)
  • Easy set up via smart phone app (for iOS and Android) using ‘Visible Light Communication’ (patent-pending)
  • Wireless communication between other bRight Switch compatible devices
  • Modular base/faceplate design that integrates both high and low voltage power, providing extensive flexibility now and in the future
  • Safe, easy, modular, plug and use parts that require no re-wiring and easily adapt to existing infrastructure (no need to shut off breakers to change components once base is installed)
  • Electrical outlets that integrate 3-prong 110V AC and 5V DC USB ports, allowing users to plug in devices wherever desired, without an adapter
  • All-in-one switch that works as light switch, night light, dimmer, clock, vacation timer and more
  • Meets UL and FCC standards
  • Is this product right for you? Should you pledge your hard earned money to bRight up your house? Honestly, all 3 of the products in this line answer a yes to this question. Everything being offered here is simply incredible, even the eLine Outlet. Yes, other companies have offered outlets with USB ports in them, but something that can be controlled by remote eLine or nLine Switches giving you the ability to control or even it to control when and how you want things to happen, it’s simply amazing.

    Having a device in your home that learns from your patters is incredible, we have reached the greatest level of futuristic laziness and I’m going to the first on board! The nLine Switch can and will replace my wife (hopefully she isn’t reading). The possibilities are endless, and this is seriously going to change your life forever.

    Look at the comparison of the entire line below, watch the video, and then please head on over to their IndieGoGo campaign and pledge to support the production of the bRight Switch. I implore you to want this product as much as me, because if you don’t, then I won’t have th option of littering my house with these sexy little blue light devices.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.12.42 PM

    More: bRight Switch [IndieGoGo Campaign]



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    Definitely getting this for my girlfriend…..love the responsive stylus will make taking note and pictures of our child to easy. PS. Please Nvidia Admin do you have any future lunch for cellular or LTE versions???