The iPhone has long had a vast, rich assortment of games. And while some aspects of mobile gaming have been changed because of the iPhone’s touch-only controller setup, more in-depth games are simply too much for simple onscreen buttons. A physical solution is needed. Thankfully, Apple announced new APIs for 3rd party gaming controller hardware in iOS 7. And today, Logitech is showing off their take on physical touch iOS gaming with the PowerShell.

The controller will accept your iPhone and situate it in between two sets of controls on the left and right sides, thereby freeing up screen space for more of what matters. Inside the PowerShell is a 1,500 mAh battery which can be charged in the PowerShell by itself or with an iPhone installed. Speaking of which, supported models are the iPhone 5, 5s and fifth-gen iPod Touch.


Naturally, since the PowerShell makes use of new APIs in iOS 7, games will have to be specifically developed for use with it. That said, a few of the titles currently available with support already built-in include Fast & Furious 6: The Game, MetalStorm Aces, Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, Nitro and Bastion.

20131120-104945.jpgFor the harder core mobile gamers on iPhone, the PowerShell is the answer to a prayer that’s been prayed for quite a while now. Get your PowerShell secured today as pre-orders are now open for $99.99. Pre-order via Logitech’s site (here) as well as Bestbuy.com and Apple’s online store. Look for the PowerShell to begin shipping to customers in December.

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