Screen protectors are a dime a dozen. But don’t automatically assume that if you’ve seen on screen protector, you’ve seen them all. Some of the cheapest options aren’t worth your money or time, no matter how cheap. They’re often a crappy material that doesn’t let your finger slide well or just look downright terrible. Of course, spending a small fortune isn’t always the best course either. How’s a lost consumer such as yourself supposed to find a good screen protector in this sea of madness?

We’ve previously looked at the Spigen Glass.t (and tr) and found those to be wholly awesome products. Yeah, they’re a bit pricey (pushing $30 for a screen protector). But they’re made of glass and super thin. They feel so much nicer to use than a film type protector.

Today we’re looking at another glass screen protector, this time made by Armorz. Let’s see if it’s as good as our in-house favorite from Spigen.

Installation & Impressions

Installation is much like any other screen protector save for the fact you have to be much more careful not to bend any one corner too far. Doing so will cause the glass to warp slightly thereby giving way to parts of the protector that don’t sit quite right and allow air to get underneath – delicate to install, yes.

Owners of white iPhones will find the process just a tad harder than darker iPhones simply because aligning the cutouts with the respective areas on your phone (home button and ear piece mainly) is made tougher by the inability to discern between the edge of the glass, shadow and actual edge of the button or cutout. You’ll understand what we mean when you go to install it should you pick one up. You’ll probably have at least a few attempts, sticking it on and then (carefully) pulling it back up to realign.

Speaking of sticking, the Armorz doesn’t use any adhesives so in theory you can pull this up and off many times with no loss of adhesion or staying power. Though as we said before, each and every tug on a corner causes it to warp ever so slightly. If you’re careful, one or two times isn’t going to be an issue. Get overzealous, however, and you’ll soon find yourself with a screen protector with raised corners and several platoons of air bubbles closing in on the center of your screen.

Once installed, the Armorz glass screen is pretty unobtrusive. You don’t notice that it’s even installed and thanks to the super thin 0.2mm thickness. That said, even at 0.2mm thin, there might be a case or two that won’t play quite so nice. Cases that wrap around to the front of the phone in particular might not fit as securely (or at all) with the added glass of the Armorz.

A Lot Of Money For A Small Piece Of Glass…

armorz-sIf you’re not the type to usually buy screen protectors because you don’t like the way they feel, glass ones are definitely worth a look. Unlucky you, that “real feel” of glass over a film means cost isn’t on your side. $25 and up are the norm. In the case of the Stealth Extreme it’s a solid $35 for a mere 0.2mm of glass that goes on the front of the screen – the same price as your average all-encompassing phone case.

The Stealth Extreme and similar products aren’t for everyone. But if you must have the most natural feel when using your phone but also want to keep the phone’s display scratch free as long as possible and also not deal with some of the issues that thicker glass protectors have, the Stealth Extreme is one of the nicest around.

Buy it: Armorz Stealth Extreme


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