tylt-mainPutting on a screen protector is one of the most difficult challenges in the modern world. Nothing is more infuriating than spending 10 minutes trying to get the perfect alignment and finally laying it down to find a spec of dust (or 10) snuck by while you were fiddling. No doubt, 1/4 of the prison population could probably be reduced if screen protectors were easier to put on. Anger is a powerful force. And TYLT is here to quell it.

The Alin hardware itself is a simple clip. Nothing fancy yet oh so simple. To use the Alin, simply snap it around your iPhone and then do the 1-2 pull of the film on the screen protector as you would with a normal one. But with the Alin installed it allows you to very quickly align the screen protector perfectly, insuring things like the ear piece cutout and home button don’t have any screen protector edges hanging over.

If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say that it’s unique in that it brings forth a very physical yet precise method to do the task at hand. If you recall Jordan’s review of X-doria’s Defense Pro screen protector last summer, you’ll know that bonus points can be won for unique approaches to this troubling act. In their case, you downloaded an app which then put a grid on the screen that corresponded to a similar grid printed on the protective film on the Defense Pro. It was ingenious and worked well. Is TYLT’s method better? It is easier to quickly push the screen protector into the corner of the Alin and be ready to go in mere seconds where as the grid takes a bit of moving around and aligning. That said, you can always redownload the app should you need to reapply a new Defense Pro in the future. With the Alin you’re kind of screwed if you lose it, especially considering TYLT packs in 4 screen protectors into the case. Pick your poison.

The Clip & Value Make This A Great Buy

Most screen protectors are very similar. So similar in fact that any claims of superiority from one screen protector to the next are largely marketing fluff to get your money. And while the TYLT screen protectors provided with the Alin aren’t anything fancy themselves, they have stud up to several weeks of abuse. What more could you ask for?

The real value with the Alin is the high number of included screen protectors (4) and the super helpful Alin clip that goes around your phone. At just $25 it’s a no brainer to recommend this over just about every other normal screen protector (glass is another story).

Seriously, before you spend $25 on another screen protector, check the Alin out.

Buy it: TYLT


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