Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.39.19 AMNot sure if you remember the Kickstarter projected I covered back in June, but I sure do. ivee Sleek is the first Voice-Activated Assistant for your home – think an always-on-Siri for your house. I’ve been on an all-things-smart the last year and the ivee Sleek fits right into that niche. I love what the Sleek has the potential of doing and can’t wait to see the integration she’ll bring to my house.

Blowing their goal of $40,000 out of the water by almost 120k, ivee has successfully made it to production and now the Sleek is ready for your pre-orders. Get ready to control almost any WiFi enabled product in your house by the touch of your voice. Simply say, “hello ivee” and you’ll be ready to give her order after order and ask question after question. Make her turn on the radio or beg to know the weather in Dublin Ireland. The possibilities are endless and the ivee Sleek is here to help you get as close as possible to any and all of those later this month.

We are hoping to get a review sample here in our Gadgetsteria home-offices, but if not, we do hope to hear what you think of the ivee Sleek.

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  • James

    The only problem seems to be that Ivee is going to be in Staples’ shelves before it reaches the people that backed it on kickstarter. Yes, the people that 6 months ago gave the Ivee team 159k dollars to support a product that was suposed to be delivered (estimately, of course) on october 2013 are going to receive their rewards, if lucky, at the same time that the big companies. In the meanwhile the Ivee team has time to write on Facebook, but no time to answer their kickstarter supporters on the kickstarter forums.

    It’s peeble all over again…..*sigh

  • Jeremy

    This is the fundamental problem of kickstarter. I predict it will either go away or evolve into more of an investment site. I learned my lesson from backing the Ouya only for it to be delivered a year later after I could have bought it cheaper in store at Best Buy or Amazon. Now I sit back and watch a product hit the store shelves and read the first reviews before I hand over any of my hard earned cash. There is little or no incentive to buying early as once the product is designed and distributed at big box stores the price is usually the same if not cheaper than the kickstarter pledge. Now, if I believed in a product, handed my money over to help get it started, perhaps owning got a kickback for every time I recommended to a friend or owned stock it would be more appealing. The current kickstarter model is rarely in favour of the pledger and soon it will stop working and great new products will never see the light of day. With that said, I am certainly looking forward to Ivee and hope to walk into Staples and pick one up.

  • Mike Norris

    Agreed. Kickstarter, as unique and helpful as it is, isn’t perfect.