ZA31063_A-1Capcom turned 30 this past June, and for those of us that were addicted to so many of their Titles back in the 80’s, we have something to show it off – on our faces. To celebrate the 30th anniversary Capcom will be licensing a few of their Titles to rest upon our greasy, zitty nerdy faces. I’m seriously jealous of the release as it is in Japan, but I will dish out the 5200 Yen to get myself a sweet pair of the MegaMan glasses.

Capcom is collaborating with eyewear maker Zoff and the match is seriously one made in Heaven. I’ve kind of thought that the 8-bit glasses sold on ThinkGeek were kind of stupid, although everything (including my most intimate parts are…) 8-bit is something I lust after. But I really never wanted a pair, until now. This is true 8-bit eyewear.

Only 4 characters have made their way onto the bridge of every lucky Japanese person. Dr. Wiley get’s the shaft with the sweetest pair of MegaMan frames. Resident Evil gets some love, so does Phoenix Wright as does Makaimura from Gostsn’ Goblins, the old arcade system from the mid-80’s. Each pair are pretty damn amazing, but the MegaMan pair is something I would kill for.

I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of one of the greatest game studios to date. For as long as I’ve been playing video games Capcom has been a front runner in my upbringing, including the small crush I had on Splash Women!

These gorgeous frames come with a Capcom 30th Anniversary case as well as a character printed cleaning cloth. So head on over to Zoff’s website to check out some of the sweetest glasses you could ever have draped upon your face!!

Source: Zoff
Via: Polygon


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