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0 Material Design concept: Android emulator

Finding a decent emulator on Android isn’t too terribly difficult. But finding a good one both in terms of usability and design is another story. That’s why when we stumbled on these design mock-ups by Reddut user “woopwoopwoopwoop”, we knew…

1 Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung has a complete and utter death grip on the smartphone market. In the tablet world, they’re not quite as omnipresent. Nonetheless, they are dominating for all intents and purposes there as well. That said, can Samsung continue push ahead…

0 Unu Galaxy S5 Battery Case Giveaway

A week or so back we took a look at Unu’s Galaxy S5 specific battery case. For the power users in the world, it’s pretty much awesome. That is, provided, you can be convinced to give up the water resistance…

3 Review: Unu Galaxy S5 Battery Case

There have been quite a few iPhone battery cases on our test bench here at Bitbitbyte over the years. But one thing we can’t forget: the iPhone isn’t the only phone that could benefit from from a stylish and portable…

0 LG G Pro 2 Images Leak

The gargantuan LG G Pro 2 that we’ve been hearing rumroed about (and that LG kind of revealed last week) finally has a couple images to go along with it now. As you can see off to your right, the…

0 Samsung’s Touch Wiz Is Growing Up

Samsung has long gotten criticism over their Playskool-like TouchWiz UI. Love it or hate it, it’s long in the tooth and desperate for a redesign. Over the last few weeks prolific leaker @evleaks has posted several images of an Android…

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