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0 Review: V-Moda M80 Headphones

There’s never a “perfect” choice. Be it cars, headphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc., you’re always playing a balancing game of what feature or features you’re ok with letting go in order to get some other feature(s). Such is the case…

0 Review: Wicked Audio Evac

How much is good audio worth to you: $9.99, $19.99, $99.99, $999? To some, the bundled headphones with your phone/MP3 player are just fine. To others, nothing under three figures is worthy of your golden ears. And then theres the…

0 Review: Velodyne vTrue Headphones

Velodyne has been around for many years in the home audio business, specifically, providing the best bass reproduction possible. But these are mobile times. People are spending less time indoors in front of a TV and more time on the…

0 Review: Logitech UE 9000

Whereas $400 is entering the upper end of universal in-ear products where a few stand out models dominate, the over/on-the-ear headphone segment is chock full of competition, not to mention, plenty of great sounding hardware. That said, there can also…

0 Review: Logitech UE 900

Critics of higher end audio say that the further up in the price range you go, you begin chasing demising returns. That is, the more you spend, the less and less of a difference there actually is. But to the…

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