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0 Review: Wren V5AP For Airplay Devices

We’ve had a our fair share of speakers sent over for review, usually they are always Bluetooth, but there are a handful of Airplay speakers that exist and we thought we’d give the Wren V5AP a review, solely based on…

0 Review: eFreesia Duo

Here we are again, giving eFreesia another round to see if they can come through as a go-to battery charger for your smartphones and tablets. We ran the eFreesia Bar through the ringer a few months ago and we were…

0 Review: Divoom Bluetune-Solo

I’ve had the chance to test out many Bluetooth speakers over the past many months, and have a few more to show you moving forward. Finding the alternative to some of the bigger names out there that can benefit those…

0 Review: Seagate Wireless Plus

With the debut of the Wireless Plus at CES this past January, I've been eagerly awaiting my shot at testing out Seagate's brand new wireless media hard drive. After ditching my MacBook Air – and all of it's storage -…

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