Review: Fuse Chicken Bobine Charger.

Fuse Chicken. What does that bring to mind? It’s probably not a gadget accessory. While Fuse Chicken may have one of the oddest names of an electronic/gadget maker we’ve come across, don’t let it deter you. Out of all the…


Review: V-Moda M80 Headphones

There’s never a “perfect” choice. Be it cars, headphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc., you’re always playing a balancing game of what feature or features you’re ok with letting go in order to get some other feature(s). Such is the case…


Review: Unu DX 6 iPhone 6 battery case

While the iPhone 6+ is truly a chart topper thanks to it’s gigantic dimensions and equally gigantic battery, the iPhone 6 is perhaps the loser of the group. It’s mildly larger than the 5s’ battery but packs in upgraded hardware…


Review: LG G4

Every year the smartphone junkies look to a few select manufacturers for their next-gen purchase. At least in the U.S., the Android field is primarily HTC, Samsung and LG at this point with Motorola and Nexus phones being more niche…


Episode 001: the introduction – mark. | the markcast.

Mark Prograno is a good friend, fellow techie and as of recently, business owner. While the old podcast we used to publish here (Smart Things… check out the archives) is no more, there is something even better in the works:…


Hub+ is a new Macbook owner’s dream.

For better or worse, Apple’s new super thin 12″ Macbook has a single port. While road warriors and those searching for the ultimate in simplicity, it’s a dream. Power users that also happen to favor small footprints and lightweight gadgets…

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0 Instagram releases “Layout” for Android.

Android users not feeling any love from Instagram after they released “Layouts” (collage app for Instagram) for iOS a month or so back can finally be put the pitch forks down. Today, Instagram launched not only the Android version of…

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