12v Spotlight bring a mighty light in tiny package


We’ve all had times where we were trying to grab that last gummy bear underneath the seat but just can’t quite see where your paw is grabbing. Sure, you could use one of those little keychain lights. But those require batteries that you have to change all of the time. You can also use a bigger flashlight that could be seen from space. Though, those also take large batteries that over time are costly to replace. Why should you even have to replace batteries? Take your old flashlight and throw it in the trash because the 12v Spotlight will be the last light you ever have to get.

 These little beacons of light are perfect for your car as they are designed to be plugged into a standard cigarette lighter or power point available in most cars today. Since replacing the batteries is no longer your worry, a new one may creep up on you — how long do they last per charge? A 1 hour charge will give you up to 2 hours of bright, white, LED light. Now mind you, these won’t signal the space shuttle when it’s orbiting out little marble up in space, but it will give you a very clear view of whatever it is you’re trying to look at in and around your car when the sun goes down.

Since the 12v’s are made from light yet sturdy aluminum, you can forget about crushing or breaking the little beast as they can take a beating. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks with these little lights and let me tell you, they are durable. A few extra features that may be worth your while are the dual port charger and keychain attachment. The dual port charger simple turns your single cigarette lighter/power point from 1 hole into 2. The keychain attachment is self explanatory. As far as pricing goes, $19.95 isn’t that bad. While there are certainly much cheaper portable lights available, the 12v Spotlight with its array of colors, durable construction, and impressive light output are worth it to me.


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