Review: Coolermaster QuickFire Pro And Sentinel II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard And Mouse.

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Sentinel Advance II

Oh gaming mice. So many to choose from leave us with a seemingly endless array of options and decisions, many of which are purely subjective. Are you palm, claw or somewhere in between in terms of grip? Do you like laser or optical (or does it even matter)? Dark/light? Tons of buttons or minimalistic? Like we said, there are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the perfect gaming mouse.

After the success of their Sentinel gaming mouse Coolermaster is back at it with the Sentinel Advance 2. Can it unseat our long-time favorite, the Logitech G500, and become the go-to mouse in our stable?

The Specs

Sensor: Avago 9800
Sensitivity: up to 8000 DPI
LOD (Lift-off distance): ~1.5mm
Onboard memory: 128 KB
Extras: customizable color LEDs, on-the-fly DPI adjustment, large palm grip and modular weight management system.


For a gaming mouse, the Sentinel Advance 2 is actually a pretty decent looking unit. The customizable color LEDs mean you can truly make the mouse yours by fitting it into the theme of your gaming rig. The LEDs can also be adjusted to blink, stay fully lit, “breathe” (slowly pulse) and be completely turned off if such things are a turn-off.

After a few quick gaming sessions the size of the Sentinel Advance 2 becomes apparent. It’s a bigger mouse for sure, but at no point did we find it too big. For us, it is the first palm grip mouse that literally feels like a full palm-sized mouse but also doesn’t feel like lugging around a bag full of bricks. Despite its size, the Sentinel Advance 2 always feels quick in changing direction.

Features & Use

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Sentinel Advance 2 is definitely more geared towards palm grip gamers. It has a laid back yet still very fast and responsive feel. We didn’t feel at any point like we needed to arch our fingers more or that we were simply moving to slow in reaction to onscreen events.

Button layout on the Sentinel Advance 2 is well thought out with every button being easy to reach. On the top directly underneath the scroll wheel you will find the on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons and the accompanying LCD display that shows the X and Y axis DPI settings. Mind you, the X/Y axises can be set together or independently. The rest of the added buttons on the Sentinel Advance 2 didn’t give us any fuss, allowing us to jump right into customizing button actions within our games of choice and just enjoy the mouse without a lengthy learning curve.

We’d like to point out in particular that we absolutely love the “click” feeling of the two main mouse buttons. Call us silly for gushing over something so simple and minor, we can’t help it. They have a weighted and solid “click” that isn’t “slow” or fatiguing in high-action FPS games.

Speed Rx Mouse Pad

While the mouse itself is hugely important, the surface the mouse runs on is pretty pertinent too. Have a surface that is too smooth or slick and your mouse will jump either jump all over the place or fail to register at all. Also, depending on the sensor type and brand of your particular mouse as well as the task at hand, varying mouse pad surfaces are better suited. For FPS a nice, smooth and densely woven cloth pad makes things nice and slick without being overly so, while also providing a nice amount of cushion for you hand. For more office related tasks, something that is harder and more rough might be better as it gives a more granular control over movements.

All that said, CoolerMaster’s new Speed Rx is a perfect pair for the Sentinel Advance II. The $19.99 mouse pad is available in 3 sizes: small (250 x 210 mm – SGS-4010-KSMM1), medium (320 x 270 mm – SGS-4020-KMMM1) and large (450 x 350 mm – SGS-4030-KLMM1). In our testing with the large model we had absolutely no problem jumping all over the place in quick, abrupt movements. At the same time we never felt like we were sliding all over either. Add to that the larger than life dimensions and it’s easy to see what mouse pad we’ll be coming back to time and time again.


We’re not going to beat around the bush. We’re in love with the Sentinel Advance 2. We’re even more in love with the price — $59.99. Many gaming mice of similar feature set or size/comfort cost $10-$30 more than the Sentinel Advance 2. Coolermaster took an already good gaming mouse, made it better and then priced it right. When you consider the features, physical design and comfort of this mouse, it’s hard to find any reason not to recommend it. If you can find a store to give the mouse a test drive, we highly recommend giving it a serious look.

Also, we have officially retired our battle-worn Logitech G500. It’s been great. But the Sentinel Advance 2 is the new hotness in our stable and we’re excited to abuse it over the coming months.

Similarly, if you don’t already have a suitable gaming mouse pad or are looking for alternatives, we recommend checking out the Speed Rx. At $19.99 it is comparable to many other gaming oriented mouse pads and is a perfect compliment to an already awesome mouse.

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Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9/10


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