32 GB iPhone 4S Costs $203 In Raw Parts.

While we’ll wait for the official iFixit teardown before we go slapping an “official” pricetag on the iPhone 4S’ parts, this little guestimate compliments of UBM TechInsights has already gone ahead and done the job for us. In total, the 32 GB iPhone 4S costs Apple just $203 to produce with the most expensive piece of the puzzle being the $38 flash memory. Other items of interest include the 640 x 960 display ($31), the dual-core A5 chip ($26), dual-mode GSM/CDMA modem ($6+ premium over old single-mode modems) and 8-megapixel camera ($3+ premium over older 5mp camera).

Essentially Apple is charging ~$700 unlocked and off contract and banking the other $500. Multiply times many tens of millions and…yeah. Apple will make a truckload of money off the iPhone 4S.


Via: Electronista