$35 Raspberry Pi Computer Shatters Company Expectations, Exceeds Supply By 20x Thanks To 700 Sales/Second.

Miniaturization is a hot topic these days thanks no small part to smartphones and tablets. These devices are as fast as a higher end computer from as recent as 5 years ago and are increasing in power rather drastically as soon as every 6-12 months. That said, the days of the traditional desktop and in some degree even laptops are beginning to wane. Devices like the $35 Raspberry Pi computer perfectly illustrate this point. With a lowly ARM processor (typically found on smartphones and tablets), a mere 256 MB of RAM, ethernet port, 2x USB ports, Broadcom BCM2835 @ 700MHz, and HDMI/RCA out ports, the Pi computer is meager on paper but has the power to totally revolutionize electronics, computing and the way of life for many people, especially developing countries.

All that said, after the Pi computer’s release last week, it is now clear that this little $35 “computer” is going to be a hot ticket item. At the end of the day Friday, one of the distributors of the Pi computer, Premier Farnell, claimed that there were an astonishing 700 sales/second (or, 42,000 sales per minute…) — so much that the website crashed and had to be turned into a static page.

According to the executive director of the Raspberry Pi Foundatoin, Eben Upton, the first few thousand units will begin shipping shortly, citing a small delay due to a last minute hardware bug that had to be fixed before being sent to manufacturers. Larger stock (~10,000 units), according to Upton, won’t be available until mid-April.

Pretty crazy, eh?
Via: TechSpot