Nokia Takes To Patent Trolling, Sues RIM, HTC And Viewsonic Over Alleged Infringement On 45 Different Patents.

It’s sad when a once great company stoops to patent trolling to remain
relevant. And while it appears on the surface that Nokia is doing
alright after the launch of their highly anticipated Lumia devices, it
appears that behind the scenes, money is getting tighter. Nokia has
just announced
that they are suing RIM, HTC and Viewsonic over 45 patents the trio
allegedly infringes upon. The patents cover a multitude of
technologies including dual-function antennas, multimode radios,
multitasking, app stores, power management, dynamic menu displays,
conversational messaging…the list goes on. Nokia claims these
patents cover proprietary, non-industry standard technologies.

The lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. in the International Trade
Commission (Delaware); Dusseldorf, Germany (RIM and HTC) as well as
the Regional Courts in Mannheim and Munich, Germany (RIM, HTC and

Quite simply, Nokia has nothing left other than litigation to remain
relevant and keep the lights on.