£499 Transformer Prime Hits UK January, US Dec 19th

After an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity, Asus has announced that the Tegra quad-core Transformer Prime will hit US shelves December 19th, just in time for Christmas.

However, the folk across the pond in the UK can expect to get their hands on the tablet some time in January. Brits will also be lacking in choice as the Prime will come bundled with the laptop dock accessory, which will be an optional $149 purchase in the States. How much will the bundle cost? A pricey £499 (around $775) is what Asus is asking for, a tad higher than other Android tablets, a smidgen more than the 32Gb iPad 2, and above-par for standard laptops (around £400). In comparison, Asus will be selling the Transformer Prime sans dock for $499, making the bundle a more affordable $648.

Are Asus following Apple’s suit by adding a hefty tax for their devices in the UK? Will you be able to afford the Prime when it eventually releases in January?


  • Thomas Handley

    Luckily for me I’m over in the US throughout December so I have been able to pre-order it here in the US at the cheaper price compared to the UK. While the Prime is tagged for a Dec. 19th release, it’s likely that a lot of people will not receive theirs until the end of the week or so depending on availability. I pre-ordered in-store from Gamestop who originally said I could collect it on the 19th. Yesterday however, they told me that I wouldn’t be able to collect it until the 23rd because of a slight supply chain delay. I can only assume that this delay is due to the huge number of shipments Asus has to fulfil. I hope no more delays surface, as I’m returning to the UK on the 27th.

    Question for you Andy: You label yourself as an Apple fanboy and Mac addict. What are your personal opinions about the Transformer Prime compared to the iPad 2? Do you think Asus have managed to create something that’ll give the iPad a run for its money?