4G PlayBook Images Leak.

Well well well, a 4G PlayBook. While the screenshots don’t 100% confirm which 4G is used (“real” LTE 4G or faux HSPA+ 4G), it’s nice to see a SIM card equipped BlackBerry working its way closer to public release. The vaporware WiMAX version wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully these new tablets live a better life.

Aside from the handful of screenshots, not much is known regarding any internal spec changes (if any). While we’d like to think RIM bumped up RAM and/or processor speed a tad, rumors point to a near-identical device with the only major difference being HSPA+/LTE support. Mildly disappointing.

Is HSPA+/LTE enough to make you upgrade, or at the very least go through the hassle of selling your current PlayBook for this new one?



Source: CrackBerry | Via: N4BB, Engadget