50 Cent Edition – Xbox 360 9mm Controller Features Real 9mm Slugs As Buttons.

You could be like most every other “normal” Xbox gamer and laughably “customize” your gaming experience with a few Xbox controllers in different hues. If you’re really crafty you might put some stick-on graphics or paint over the bland plastic. But only true artists/gamers go to the upper tier of creativity like DieselLaceDesigns has. Their (for sale) Xbox 360 9mm Controller features actual 9mm bullet casings (pre-fired of course) as the A/B/X/Y buttons.

The privilege of sending in your own controller for the custom work will set you back $54.99 while simply having DieselLaceDesigns pick you up a new controller and slide in the 4 metal slugs will push north of $90 when all is said and done. Sure it’s a bit pricey for a controller but it’s art, too. And that stuff is always expensive (the good stuff anyway).

More: Xbox 360 9mm Controller at DieselLaceDesigns.

Source: DieselLaceDesigns | Via: ObviousWinner, Geekologie