Nokia Confirms Data Issue Is Real. Good News: It’s A Software Glitch. Update Coming Next Week.

What Microsoft and Nokia needed with the Lumia 900 was a grand slam. Instead it looks like they’ve got a 3-base run. And now a foul on top of it. The data connection problems (specifically to AT&T’s LTE network) that we’ve been hearing across the web over the last few days are in fact now a real problem. Nokia confirmed to The Verge that the Lumia 900 issue is real. The upside is that it is strictly a software issue. Nokia says new hardware with the patch is currently shipping to retailers and that customers can return their unit for a new one. If you don’t want to go that route, a software update for your phone on/around April 16th (that’s next Monday). Another perk Nokia is throwing in as a “sorry we screwed up” is a $100 credit to your AT&T bill for anyone that purchased/purchases the phone between launch day and April 21st.

The data issue is a glaring over sight for a team that needed to have a flawless launch. The $100 credit is a very nice gesture, though. Props to Nokia for that.

Via: The Verge