87% Of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri Each Month, Only 55% Satisfied

Remember in October when Apple held an event to wow us once again? Well, remember after said event, most of the world was left wanting more?

I was on the fence during and after the event, the design hadn’t changed, and there really wasn’t a ‘WOW’ factor to get me to upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the phone is beautiful and I love the design. The speed bump was greatly received in my house and so was the camera upgrade. But that wasn’t Apple’s main selling point, we were given a virtual “wife” that could do so much for us – at the tap (and by tap I mean hold) of a button.

Since Siri was released back on that chilly day in October, the intertubes has been up and down about their feelings in regards to Apple’s Virtual Assistant. Personally, I have had great luck with Siri, especially after installing tweaks via Cydia – all unlocking Siri’s true potential. But not all of the World has a jailbroken phone, and are left with the stock beta version.

Recently, Parks Associates released the results of a survey showing that 87% of iPhone 4S owners use Siri at least 1 time per month. Siri, which is still in beta, only pleases 55% of those users. 9% of the people surveyed said they were unsatisfied, while the rest were somewhere in between. The two most used Siri functions are making phone calls and sending text-messages, where playing music and scheduling meetings aren’t as popular amongst the people surveyed. Apple is slowing adding more features to Siri, as we mentioned a few days ago regarding Yelp, so we’ll see if Siri’s popularity as well as functionality receive higher marks than these results moving forward.

I am hoping with the success of jailbreak tweaks and Siri, Apple will follow suit as they’ve done with what Notifications has become. Siri has the potential to be an amazing feature – if jailbroken. With what I have experienced since the A5 jailbreak, I probably wouldn’t have been as excited about Siri as I was during the event, or even the day I received the phone.

What do you use Siri for the most? Is it your normal every day phone usage, or do you take Siri above and beyond with jailbreak tweaks?

Source: WSJ | Via: MacRumors