Absolutely Gorgeous 6th Generation iPhone Concept

French Designer Antoine Brieux has released some gorgeous concept images of Apple’s newest iPhone. Rocking an A6 quad-core chip and a 10mp camera, we have something I can find myself liking.

This is about where it stops for me…Brieux is giving the 6th gen iPhone a 4.5″ screen, which also includes no more physical home button. The phone looks beautiful, but I struggle to see Apple passing the 4″ mark for a 4.5″ screen. This is just too big and will blow past the ease of use that the current size gives. I don’t see Apple ‘Samsunging‘ us with such a monstrous screen.

Along with the massive display we’ll see the Home Button done away with, replaced by a virtual home button, which as you can see will take up the bottom area of the display. And when in landscape mode you can see these pixels disappear. I don’t see Apple doing away with the Home Button, at least I sure hope they don’t. We’ve recently seen some leaked “images” of a re-designed Home Button, which I can see happening, but not deleted it all together.

But as far as the rest of the phone goes, it is gorgeous. That Liquid Metal casing and form of the phone are both things I can really get behind. We’ve heard the rumors that we’ll be seeing a re-design ever since before the 4S was released. I am all for it and hope we see it, but again, minus that 4.5″ screen. Comfortably I can mange my phone with one hand, and could probably fair well with a 4″ screen. Any bigger and we’re dipping our toes in the phablet waters that I really don’t want to see Apple in.

Hop on over to Brieux’s blog to see the rest of the concept images and let us know in the comments what you think!


Source: Antoine Brieux | Via: iDownloadBlog