Accuweather iPhone App Review


Besides being a tech geek, I am also a weather freak.  Yes, those people you see on T.V. saying “Look how close that tornado is getting…wow it just ate a barn…” yes, that is me standing outside recording it.  Mashing my two passions together has proven to be a long and often disappointing journey.  I have been patiently waiting for a weather app to come along that gives me a more “professional” set of weather information while at the same time looking clean and modern and not like it was designed in the 80′s.  Finally that wait is over with the Accuweather app now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the app store.  Read on for the review! 

  1. Whats so great about this app you ask?  Well, for starters, it has a very clean polished look.  The main screen opens up on the first tab, the weather tab and gives you two options for getting your location: GPS or Zip code.  It displays a background image of the weather as well as telling humidity, pressure, winds, and the “real feel” taking into account of the wind.  On the same weather tab there are sub-tabs for current, hourly, 5-day, and indicies.  On the 5-day tab, pressing on the sun and moon icons along the bottom will toggle between day and night forecasts, a nice touch insuring that all of the screen is used and used efficiently.   The indicies I thought were a nice added touch that sets this app apart from other weather apps.
  2. The radar tab is pretty self explanatory.  Is it the best radar on iPhone, no, the worst, no.  It does what it needs to do to get the job done.  A NEXRAD radar would be a nice upgrade, but it is more than adequate as is.
  3. Movies Tab. Where the Accuweather app differentiates itself form the Weather Channel app is the movies tab.  The weather channel gives you one local weather report to watch.  On Accuweather’s app you can choose either high res or low res, and have 16 different movies to choose from over 4 sub-tabs.  There are 4 movies each for “weather forecast”, “lifestyle”, “news”, and “fun”.  They definitely took the movie idea and ran with it.  Great job on that!
  4. The risk’s tab is a nice illustration showing the risk within the next 8 hours for various weather events such as Thunderstorms, Rain, Snow, etc.
  5. Alam Tab. Basic graph showing Precipitation types and amounts over a 5 day stretch
  6. Alerts.  Alerts from the NWS display on this tab rounding out a very well put together app.
  7. Oh…one more great point…It’s FREE!

All in all, to me I think the Accuweather App is the best weather App in the app store now.   Yes some apps have better radar, some have slightly more detailed information.  But the combo of everything plus some good looks makes this a 4.5 star in my book.

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