Ads, ads, and more ads coming to a cellphone near you.

by Mike
Posted November 17th, 2009 at 6:39 pm

Love your cellphone/smartphone because it gives you relatively ad-free hours of internet exploration and usage? I’ll admit it’s not my first praise for using a smartphone for getting around the internet, but it’s certainly one of my top reasonings. That’s all set to change for the worse in the near future. The impending doom is coming to us thanks to AdMob and their new “Interactive Video Ad Units” which more or less translate to “pain in the ass” for you and I. Ads make freemium models possible and allow end users to enjoy many fruits at free or reduced cost. So ads certainly have their place. But AdMob’s new “Interactive Video Ad Units” are anything but pleasant. The first category of IVAU consist of your typical manually activated video ads in which the end user has to initiate playback. But the second category is the one that really has me not looking forward to the day these arrive — automatically activated videos.

Navigating the web (as often as I do) has me wasting minutes upon minutes per day sitting, waiting, and watching stupid video ads that I can’t skip or even “look around”. My smartphone is the last frontier if you will as it is unbound or polluted with this digital filth. Such joys won’t be enjoyable much longer. Gee I can hardly wait, sitting on the train/bus/walking around town trying to read a quick review on a restaurant only to be greeted with an un-skippable 60 second ad seems like a blast. /sarcasm.

Mobile ads are good in certain instances. Automatic, forced video ads? Not so much. Are you dreading the day?

Internet Evolution

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  • 1gb compact flash
    February 19, 2010 at 4:36 am

    can surely understand their stance though — not wanting to be anyone’s worker bee.

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