Alleged Galaxy S III Benchmarks Leak. It’s A Fast One.

Curious as to how potent the Samsung Galaxy S III’s innards will be? Thankfully a careless tester left a benchmark test up online long enough for a Phonearena reader to snatch it up and share it with the world. Based on the specs (and assuming it’s final or near-final hardware), it looks like the 4S will have to bow down to Samsung once again as several benchmarks are marked in Samsung’s favor (mainly GPU related). Similarly, the dual-core Qualcomm S4 and Nvidia Tegra 3 processors both fell to the Galaxy S III’s silicon too.

Phonearena suggests that the benchmarks combined with the listed Mali-400 GPU overclocked to 400 MHz means that the next-gen processor in the Galaxy S III is indeed the Exynos 4412 that has been rumored to be Samsung’s go-to standard for their next flagship Galaxy S phone.

While we know that raw specs and benchmarks are far from a deciding factor when it comes to real-world performance, we’re quite simply more impatient than we were last week. Of course, what we’d really like to know is what the Galaxy S III will actually look like. You?

Via: Phonearena