AMD Radeon 7970 Gets Official. Gamers, This Is Your Card.

The Nvidia vs. AMD fight just got kicked up several notches with the official announcement by AMD of their upcoming 7970 flagship GPU. The card is the first to make use of the new 28-nm manufacturing process and AMD’s new “Graphics Core Next” architecture. In short: 3GB of memory, 2048 stream processors, 32 raster units, 128 texture units 4.31 billion transistors. This card is a beast.

Sheer specs aside, the 7970 will support up to five simultaneous audio streams via HDMI and DisplayPort as well as enhanced Eyefinity features and support for stereoscopic 3D.

Finally, in addition to a more efficient slab of silicon thanks to the 28-nm die, AMD has designed the 7970 with a new fan design that promises more CFM than previous generations coupled with a redesigned vapor cooling chamber.

Takeaway: This card is going to rock. Get it for $549 starting in January.


  • Source Gizmodo
  • Via Geeky-Gadgets