Android coming to a netbook near you…in 2010?

  • January 2, 2009 9:19 am


Are you an Android user?  Do you love the versatility Android offers or the look of the next gen operating system?  Would you use that same OS if it crept onto bigger devices?  The last question will be easier to determine come 2010.  Venture Beat, through one of their sibling sites, Mobile-Facts, was able to compile Android to run on an Asus EeeePC 1000H netbook in just around 4 hours!   

What is even more impressive is that just about everything works including sound, graphics, and the wireless card.  At first, the media player, web kit browser were proving difficult to get working, however the smart folks at Venture Beat and Mobile-Facts figure it out.  Google is quickly creating a “Google World” with a complete set of computer applications built by Google and designed to work and work well with each other.  They are taking more or less the same “closed ecosystem” approach that Apple takes, except their world is and “open-closed ecosystem”.  Having such a tight bond with all of the other applications makes them function intuitively well as being less complicated to support and use.  Both sites believe Android could be put on a netbook and manufactured in as little as 3 months, but due to red-tape from major players involved, they speculate it is more feasible to expect a 2010 release as opposed to an ’09 release.  Whichever the case, Android is definitely an awesome mobile OS.  Migrating to the desktop will be a challenge but a welcome one at that.  The competition makes it better for everyone!  Check the gallery for a few more pics.


Source: Mobile-FactsVenture Beat

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