Android coming to a Palm Pre near you…wait what?

  • January 21, 2009 4:53 pm


Talk about quick!  Seems as if the Android community is already taking aim at the Palm Pre.  It is a very good looking device.  And while the WebOS looks awesome and probably will be, who doesn’t love Android invading another victim.  Apparantly, the project to port Android over to the OMAP 3 processor used in the Pre began as far back as July of ’08!  Gaining serial access to the bootloader and stuffing multiple OS’s and apps onto the fixed 8GB storage will prove to be the hard part.  It really is a shame they didn’t include a memory card slot to expand storage because 8GB really isn’t much at all.  I hope that the parties involved do succeed as an Android toting Pre would be pretty sweet if you ask me.  For a how-to on getting started head over to Palm WebOS Blog (NOT a beginner article or task). 

Source: Engadget, Pre Community, Palm WebOS Blog

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