Android invading Touch Diamond!


Android is making a mad dash since release and taking many other devices with it!  Since release it has started to be ported to at least 3-4 devices.  Most recently the Touch HD and now Touch Diamond.  I’m not going to sugar coat anything or try to hide the fact that I like Apple, OS X, iPhones, etc.  However, I also really like Android.  It is a very promising OS that the iPhone and mobile OS X could learn from (I know I’m dreaming).  Back on subject, Windows Mobile is probably one of my least favorite mobile OS for many reasons.  A few of those reasons are that its god awful to navigate and use, looks 5 years old (because it is, pretty a new wallpaper and some pretty buttons doesn’t gain the rights to be called an “update”), and crashes all the time.  *I used to have Tilt*.  The Touch Diamond is a very nice looking device from HTC that suffers only from the software running on it.  That is where the Android developers come in.  They have been able to port over Android onto the Touch Diamond, however its not quite there yet.  For instance, the phone can not be woken up after the display goes to sleep, the keyboard constantly appears blocking the task you’re actually trying to accomplish and a few other minor features such as no voice or data.  Again *minimal* things.  Once the developers work out the kinks, the Touch Diamond will surely be one awesome device with the looks of the device itself and the functionality of Android!

Source: ModmyGphone , WM Experts