Android Launcher, “Chameleon”, Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

We often criticize the myriad Android devices on the market because while functionally sound in terms of software and/or hardware, many of them are gimped by one recurring problem — manufacturer skins. The skins, which manufacturers argue help them “differentiate” amongst one another, almost always do more harm than good. So what’s different about “Chameleon”, the awesome looking thing you see above. Well, for starters it isn’t a “skin” so much as it is a UI overlay. Tomato/tamata it’s all subjective we guess. Though, we will note that in the video (below) it looks and operates far better than any Android skin we’ve seen to date. But one thing’s for sure, the ability to customize and completely change how you interact with content and data on your Android tablet could take a dramatic leap forward if something like Chameleon emerged.

So when can we actually use it? The makers of Chameleon (the same people behind the PlayBook’s UI, Teknision) hope that a manufacturer picks up their love child and incorporates it on a broader scale. But until a manufacturer does sign off or Teknision releases Chameleon for everyone outside of carrier/manufacturer channels, we’ll have nothing more than the video below to drool over. What do you think Android users?


Source: XDA | Via: Droid-Life

  • Jeremywhite77

    I would love to see this available for my transformer prime. Looks pretty good!