WiFi Tether Returns To Google Play Store. Get It Before It’s Gone!

Android users who’ve been on the platform for at least the last 12 months will no doubt remember an awesome, free tethering app by the name of “WiFi Tether”. As unlimited data plans began disappearing and carrier influence started proliferating on the Android Market (now Google Play), apps like WiFi Tether were removed. And now a year later the infamous WiFi Tether app, version 3, is back.

We honestly don’t think it’ll last too long. The “open” Android Market/Google Play store is more-so at the control of carriers in certain circumstances, this being one of them. If you missed out the first time, make sure you pick up WiFi Tether on its (almost certainly) short encore appearance.

If by the time you check the Google Play store and find it gone, there is a direct download of the .apk right over here.


Via: AndroidPolice, DroidDog