Angry Birds Now Comes In RC Helicopter Form.

How much is too much for a small RC helicopter? $49.95? To some, the answer is a resolute “Yes!”. But what if we showed you this Angry Birds RC Helicopter. Function-wise it’s basic – you fly it around. End of story. There aren’t any projectiles to shoot, flashing lights or custom sounds. Still, we have a feeling many a parent are going to have to snatch this up for their kid(s).

Flight time is said to be in the 8-10 minute range after an average(ish) 40 minute charge-time, while the helicopter itself can venture roughly 10-15m from you before the signal peters out and it rockets to the ground. Speaking of which, the high impact plastic means that the Angry Birds helicopter *should* withstand such falls to earth rather well. So, what do you say about that $49.95?

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Via: Slashgear