App Review: Draw Something


Draw Something. I dare you! Be warned though; once you try this game with some friends, you probably won’t can’t stop.

Similar to other iOS gaming apps like Words With Friends, Draw Something has both a FREE (Ad supported) app as well as an inexpensive, ad-free version. Try the free version – just prepare yourself to spend the coin to upgrade.

This game is all about working together to continue a streak of nicely drawn and correctly guessed pictures. It reminds me a lot of Win Lose or Draw! I like the potential with this app – it has Facebook integration, but that’s where social integration stops. The game allows you to find friends playing or share your desire to play a game – but lets face it: without Twitter integration it is lacking.

What’s the premise of the game? Simple: start with some basic colors and a choice between an Easy / Medium / Hard word to draw. Your playing partner them has the ability to see your brush strokes and guess what the picture is. Depending on the word chosen, you can earn 1 – 3 coins which are used for purchasing other color packs or even a bomb to remove unused letters during the game. As you’d expect, Push notifications come with the app to notify you of a new turn to take, allowing you to play at your own pace.

I’d like to see the Twitter integration – that, along with the ability to post an update with a correctly guessed word, a screenshot of a picture or just to share a new record of continued guesses would help make game play more fun and socially connected.

Pick it up in AppStore – 99 cents isn’t much to ask for the ad-free version!

AppStore Link

Update: I have received a few sporadic reports of timing bugs in the app. Reports are indicating delayed notifications, even after a player has already taken a turn. Personally, I’ve not encountered these issues — let me know if you are!




  • Eve Anderson

    OMGPOP’s Draw My Thing was better, though. However, I’m happy that OMGPOP is finally getting attention for their games because they’re really addicting and fun. They won’t force you to sign up if you just go to their website to play. But if you want to win in-game medals and rankings, then, why not sign up?

  • Jordan Carpenter

    I have recently started seeing notifications pop up of it being my turn, and then when i load up the app, it all says the other players turn. I have to quit the process completely and re-load the game up for it to show my turn. That just started to happen this morning. 

    • the_liv80

      That’s a testament of how popular this game has gotten!