Apple Announces 3 Million New iPad Sales In 3 Days, Share Buyback And Dividend Program.

For most human beings, Monday is a day in which we strive to work as casually as possible, easing into the work week after a weekend of relaxation. This easing is doubly important after a weekend full of booze and liquor following a major “holiday”. For Apple, however, Monday was an important day for the company.

This morning during a financial conference call, Apple announced that they were putting some of their nearly $100 billion to good use and kicking off a share buyback and dividend programs beginning this summer, and stretching over the next three years. Even though the claimed cost to Apple will be ~$45 billion in cold hard cash, analysts are projecting Apple to once again accrue nearly $100 billion over the next several years following continuing success and increasing sales.

More importantly, however, are the newly announced sales results of the 3rd generation iPad — how’s 3 million in 3 days sound? Insane. We know. For comparison’s sake, the first-gen iPad took 80 days to reach the same number while the iPad 2 hit 3 million in 28 days. Granted, more countries were blessed with iPad 3 availability on launch day. Still, 3 million in 3 days is a number every other tablet manufacturer would kill for.

While you were betting dragging your hungover self out of bed and dreading heading in to work, Apple was busy shifting $45 billion of and celebrating a record breaking sales weekend. Some Monday, eh?

Via: Gizmodo

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