Apple Beats Out RIM On Their Home Turf

It seems that RIM has taken another blow delivered by Apple, as the Canadian based company has been bested by the Cupertino Bruiser on their home turf. We have seen a growing decline in loyalty to RIM, with numerous US Government Agencies abandoning Blackberry devices for the iPhone. But to see RIM lose their home field advantage is devastating to a company already bleeding out.

Data compiled by the IDC and Bloomberg showed RIM shipping 2.08 million Blackberry devices last year in Canada, while Apple took their crown with 2.85 million. Until 2011, Blackberry had sales half a million greater than the iPhone with even greater numbers when it launched in 2008. For Apple to take over this much of the market in under 4 years is even a bigger blow to RIM.

RIM does have the upper hand in the Middle East as well as Africa where they have shipped 8.3 million devices to Apple’s 2.5 million. Apple has even more ground to cover in Latin America where RIM sells 10.6 million Blackberry’s to Apples 2.1 million. It will be an uphill battle for Apple to take the market in these areas, but with Blackberry on the decline, it probably won’t take too long.

With the Blackberry 10 launch just around the corner, does anyone think this will breath some new life into the hurting company? Will having 1 CEO offer a firm directive to get Blackberry on top? In my honest opinion, RIM will have to have a game changer with Blackberry 10 to regain control from Apple and Android devices.

Source: Bloomberg | Via: Cult Of Mac