Apple Devices Cause Nintendo’s First Loss

Nintendo 3DS
Reuters have highlighted the difficulties Nintendo faces in these tough economic times as the gaming giant announced an operating loss deficit of 37.3 billion Yen, roughly equivalent to $458 million. This news comes just after Nintendo celebrated the one year anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS launch, and close to the highly anticipated announcement and launch of upcoming powerful and innovative home console, the Nintendo Wii U.

Analysts and bloggers around the world are claiming the iOS ecosystem is to blame for Nintendo’s economic stumble. Apple and its devices elbowed their way in to the portable gaming territory years ago with 1 dollar games, something Nintendo struggles to keep up with. While this seems feasible, I think all of smartphone, tablet and phablet gaming have done a great job of kneecapping the gaming goliaths, including Android and BlackBerry.

Via: Engadget, Reuters

  • The Gadgeteur

    While I believe your points do have some weight, to say Apple has had absolutely no influence in Nintendo’s declining revenue/presence in mobile gaming is wrong. 

  • Samuel Esteban Marrero

    Blackberry? Seriously? They sold only 3% of the world’s smartphones in 2011. Apple is not to blame for the Nintendo loss. It has to do with price adjustment of 3DS and strong yen. All of these analysts don’t understand the video game industry. They  think Apple is taking over when there is no sign of that. Video game systems have cycles. Nintendo is on the down cycle of a very huge surge of the Wii/DS years. Nintendo invested in 3D technology and priced it too high. The Yen is very strong so Nintendo is making much less money from international sales than other years. It has nothing to do with Apple because the 3DS is on track to sell even more than the successful DS did. Don’t give Apple credit for something that happens EVERY five years, a slowdown until sales pick up as more software is created. The loss is just an anomaly.