Apple Engineers Reaching Out To iPhone 4S Owners Over Battery Life Woes.

  • October 28, 2011 2:01 pm

Think the iPhone 4S’ battery life woes are made up or nothing more than the ramblings of a small few? Think again. According to a new report published by The Guardian, Apple acknowledges that there is an ongoing issue with the iPhone 4S and has even began to have engineers “reach out” and contact individuals reporting serious battery life problems. The engineers are reportedly asking a myriad of questions and then asking the user to install a specific monitoring app that tracks usage data and creates a file that can be downloaded and emailed back to Apple.

We here at GS have two iPhone 4S’ floating around and have noticed generally worse battery life than our old iPhone 4s. It was downright terrible the first couple of days but has since gotten better. Still, many people are having far worse problems, citing battery drains as bad as 10-15% per hour even in standby with little to no extra wireless/cellular/location services turned on.

We’ve seen a few claims by iOS devs on Twitter claiming iOS 5 beta and GM battery life was incredibly close to that of iOS 4.x on the iPhone 4, and that the official iOS 5 release that hit the iPhone 4 (and 3GS) is where the problem started — not entirely sure it’s just a 4S (read: hardware) issue.

The Guardian report states the Apple engineer who reputedly contacted the users in question said that a fix “wasn’t close”.

How’s your iPhone 4S battery life been?
Source: The Guardian

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