Apple Finally Fesses Up To OpenStreetMap Map Data Usage In iPhoto

Apple’s attempts to expunge as much Google-based products and services as possible took a larger turn back when iPhoto for iOS back in early March. It was then that Apple officially dumped Google Maps mapping data for location based picture information, and in its place using OpenStreetMap’s data. While the open source nature of OpenStreetMap makes it free to use, Apple had thus far failed to give any credit to the company or the many people that provide mapping information for the crowd sourced maps database. Now, however, the latest version of iOS appears to have been updated with a small nod to OpenStreetMaps in the Settings > Acknowledgements section.

Apple isn’t the first big name tech company to abandon Google Maps now paid-for (API that is) mapping service — Foursquare made the switch back around late February/early March too.

According to TheNextWeb, Apple’s OSM nod finally came after repeat requests from the company to properly cite their map data’s source as well as one determined OSM contributor who also is an active iOS developer. The company maintains that it was likely the effort of the map contributor/iOS developer more-so than their own that finally got Apple to give credit where it was due.

Source: TNW | Via: The Verge