Apple Forced To Temporarily Disable MobileMe And iCloud Push Email In Germany.

The ongoing legal battle between Motorola and Apple in Germany over iCloud push email hit a new milestone today — with Apple being the loser. In a newly updated support document, Apple states that “due to patent litigation with Motorola, Mobile Me users in Germany are temporarily unable to use push Mobileme or iCloud email”. Other features such as calendars, contacts, etc. are still active and outside of the scope of the lawsuit.

Naturally, Apple has promised to appeal the lawsuit on the grounds that Motorola’s patents are invalid.

In short: Once again tech giants bitching over irrelevant and unnecessary IP is ruining a good experience for a large group of people. Hey Apple, Motorola, and everyone else. Can we all stop this ridiculous lawsuit-heavy campaign already? I’d really like to see some really innovation out of you guys.

Source: 9to5Mac